It’s The Ranch In The Methow Valley For A Great Rural Getaway

The Ranch Living Room

If you’re looking for a classic rural vacation experience, you need to check out The Ranch in the Methow Valley of North Central Washington.

The Methow Valley is home to the Methow River and links the eastern slopes of the North Cascade Mountains to the agricultural area of the Columbia River and Pateros, Lake Chelan, and further on down, Wenatchee. This valley is absolutely gorgeous, with a long list of outdoor recreational options like cross country skiing, mountain biking, river rafting, fishing, hiking, rock climbing, and more. It also is home to some great small towns, each with a flavor all its own, especially the Old West themed destination of Winthrop. When you visit the Methow Valley, one of the best places to stay is The Ranch.

The Ranch is located just a little over six miles down the valley from Twisp, a fun community to visit and a great place to head to when you’re in search of a bite to eat. The Ranch gives you a nice taste of rural life in the valley.

The Ranch The River Bank

The coziness of this vacation rental can be felt in every room, including in the living area with the real wood stove. This is a rustic building that is still very comfortable. When you’re there you can detach from every day life but also stay in touch if you want with the wireless internet provided there. The beds are comfortable and the kitchen is well stocked. This is a pet friendly property and there is even an outdoor enclosed pen which will make your life easier and a little more stress free.

As great as the indoor features are at The Ranch, you’ll love getting outside there. The Ranch has a bit of property with it and there are a number of trails to hike or go for a walk on. If you’re a horse owner, there are even stables and plenty of trails available for exercising your animals. The Ranch is also close to a local trail system which expands your walking, hiking, or horse riding options greatly. You can even follow one short trail down to the Methow River and explore the bank area, sit back and relax next to the water, or even get a little wet.

When you visit the Methow Valley, make sure to explore the surroundings and see some of the many great historical sites and communities. Don’t miss Twisp, Pateros, the Shafer Museum, Winthrop, and Washington Pass! Driving up and down the highway, pulling off to read the historical markers, and getting a taste of the local towns is a great way to make your trip there much more memorable.

The Ranch Bedroom

A stay at The Ranch in the Methow Valley is a great way to get away from it all.

Check out all that The Ranch has to offer by visiting them online:

The Ranch in the Methow Valley

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