Enjoy Winthrop, Washington With A Stay At The Hotel Rio Vista

The town of Winthrop is one of the more unique destinations in North Central Washington, if not the entire Pacific Northwest. This little community features wooden sidewalks, cowboy themed stores, restaurants reminiscent of the old west, and a rural mountain setting that both gorgeous and inviting. Yes, Winthrop is aimed at tourists, but it does a great job in satisfying all who come its way.

there are a lot of nice places to stay in Winthrop to pick from too. One of the best though is the Hotel Rio Vista.

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The Hotel Rio Vista sits right on the east end of Downtown Winthrop. It offers the same Old West experience you’ll find throughout the community. It also offers great experiences that start in the comfortable rooms and spread throughout the facility. Whether you’re getting recommendations from the very friendly staff or enjoying the hot tub that overlooks the two joining rivers, you’re sure to find the time you spend there is time well spent.

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Each room at the Hotel Rio Vista also features its own deck that overlooks the river. This is your chance to enjoy the amazing local scenery with your morning cup of coffee or right before you tuck in for the night. This little taste of the outdoors while literally just one step from your room is something that may not seem like a big deal but is really one of the most memorable parts of staying there.

NWHotspots Winthrop Hotel Rio Vista

One of the best parts of the Hotel Rio Vista is its placement. Just a short walk to the east is gorgeous pedestrian suspension bridge that leads you over the river and provides for some great scenery. Walk west though from the Hotel Rio and you’ll find yourself right on the famous and welcoming wooden sidewalks of Winthrop. All of the towns must-visit businesses and attractions are within walking distance of where you’ve chosen to lay your head at night. The placement of the hotel alone is one of the biggest reasons it’s the perfect place to make the most out of any visit there.

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