Chrysalis Inn and Spa: For A Memorable Stay In Bellingham, Washington

Lodging choice has as much to do with how much you’ll enjoy your vacation destination as almost any choice you make. A good hotel can go a long way towards making any vacation getaway one of the best you or your family will ever remember taking. If you’re lucky enough to spend a weekend or more in Bellingham, Washington you can assure yourself of a great lost experience by staying at Chrysalis Inn and Spa.

The Chrysalis Inn and Spa, from the outside, looks exactly like the kind of place you’d want to stay and spend art of your time and Bellingham at. Once you go inside the feeling of relief will run down over you as you realize you did indeed pick the right place. The decor is perfect, with just enough of the finer touches to make you feel both comfortable and pampered.

chrysalis inn

The rooms at the Chrysalis Inn and Spa have everything you’ll need for your getaway. The beds are very comfortable and include the finest Linens. The seating area, television, bathroom, wifi, and decor are all first class. There’s a soaking tub that’s a perfect way to end any day. Your room also comes with a mini refrigerator which can be very convenient too.

The Chrysalis Inna nd Spa also comes with all the amenities you could ever want. You may be there to visit the Bellingham area but when you’re back at your hotel you’ll be able to enjoy a whole list of things like.

chrysalis inn bedroom

The staff at the Chrysalis Inn and Spa is also very friendly and helpful. If you’re looking for a place to eat, a specific Bellingham experience, some fun things to do, or anything else they should be your first resource. They’re almost sure to direct you to the downtown Fairhaven section of town which is filled with interesting shops and great dining experiences. You’ll also be tipped off that one of the most enjoyable things to do right from the door of your hotel is to get out and walk along the waterfront, enjoying the view of the water and all the boats.

Bellingham is a fun destination with a lot to offer anyone who goes there. Maximize your stay by booking hey room at the blank Hotel.

The Chrysalis Inn and Spa
Bellingham, Washington

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