Wolffy’s Hamburgers in Spokane is a true gem

wolffys 3

The city of Spokane has some great restaurants to choose from. This is one of the best things about going to a bigger city, checking out all the interesting food options. There are nice Italian restaurants there, as well as some great steak places and several high quality Asian food places too. Sometimes though, what you’re looking for is a good old fashioned hamburger.

One of the best hamburger places in Spokane is a little off the beaten path. Located out on Hamilton, right where it intersects with Sharp, on the northeastern corner of the Gonzaga University campus, is Wolffy’s Hamburgers.

Wolffy’s features a small dining area and some great “front row” seats right up at the counter. There are more than a few things to order there, but the specialty is hamburgers, and that’s why most people are going there. The prices are very reasonable and the staff is extremely friendly. When you go there, you’ll feel like you’ve walked into a bit of a time machine as there aren’t many locally owned burger joints like this around anymore.

The burgers there are a bit of a local legend. With fresh toppings and quality ingredients, they are often reviewed as perfectly moist and great tasting. You’ll be completing this true gem of a local burger experience perfectly too if you top off your meal with one of their handmade shakes. This is a real complete meal with portions big enough that you aren’t going to get hungry again for awhile.

Wolffy’s is worth the trip off the freeway if you’re driving through Spokane any day of the week. It’s simply a great burger experience.