Treat Yourself at Emily’s Confection in Pacific Beach


Pacific Beach is a sleepy little beach town on the Washington Coast, right near the communities of Moclips and Seabrook, about 20 minutes north of Ocean Shores. This is an area with a reputation for being a little out of the way and more laid back than the more touristy areas south from there. You can really go there and truly sink in and enjoy a small beach town experience.

For a real treat, whether you’re staying in a local vacation rental, at a hotel or resort, or even out at the local state park, head into the small downtown area of Pacific Beach and venture on over to Emily’s Confection. This small little pink and white building with the welcoming decor and delicious smell coming from it is the local bakery and it is a real treat.

Once inside Emily’s Confection you can partake of whatever goodies are there inside the display case. If you’re lucky, fresh cinnamon rolls will be there, along with other tasty pastries. The pies are famous with the locals and the coffee is routinely raved about too. Depending on what time of day you’re there you may find other treats too like biscuits and gravy, hot sandwiches, quiche, and more.

Pacific Beach - 2015

You’ll leave Emily’s Confection with the feeling that you’ve just been to one of the best bakeries you’ve ever seen and you’ll be left to wonder how it is that it’s located in a town so small. You’ll be proud of yourself too because you’ll credit yourself with finding a hidden gem of a place no one else knows about. It’ll be your little secret and you’ll be sure to treat yourself to more of the yummy goodness that comes from there the next time you travel out to Washington’s coast.

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