The Sunny Beach Cafe in Ocean Shores is Guaranteed to Satisfy

Sunny Beach Cafe

Trying a new place to eat while out and about in a new location can be a bit of a gamble. Yes, you can check out online reviews, but even if you find a top rated spot, the type of food they make just may not be what you’re looking for or even like. Other times though, taking a shot on a new restaurant or an eating establishment you’ve never been to before may help make your trip that much more enjoyable.

Ocean Shores is a fun vacation destination that has been attracting vacationers of all ages for over 50 years. With its long drivable beach, access to the fascinating water of the Pacific Ocean, fun shopping options, and top notch lodging opportunities, it’s very easy to see why some people even visit Ocean Shores more than once a year.

If you’re visiting Ocean Shores, there’s a newer restaurant there that you really need to try.

The Sunny Beach Cafe is located in the center of town, just south of the roundabout on the main road in and with its bright red exterior, it’s very easy to find. This small restaurant opened its doors in the fall of 2014 and has quickly made a reputation for offering some great food.

The service at the Sunny Beach Cafe is very friendly and helpful in terms of recommendations on what they serve. The restaurant is very clean and has a friendly, comfortable, and modern feel to it. What makes it already in the conversation of best restaurants in Ocean Shores though is the food they serve there.

When you read the menu or even look at the signage at the counter, you see that they are very proud of baking their own bread, including the bun on the hamburger you may order and the bread or roll on the sandwich you might try. This is a nice touch and is very hard to find in this day and age. It really makes a difference too because it helps to accent the high quality ingredients that are used there. Everything on the menu that ends up on your table just looks, feels, and tastes like no corners are cut and that’s a nice experience to have.

The menu has quite a bit of variety to it and includes a number of different burgers, some specialty sandwiches that include things you might have a hard time finding somewhere else, and some excellent soups. When you are done, there are some very nice dessert choices available, perfect for either eating right there or for taking with you to enjoy later.

The Sunny Beach Cafe has worked hard to put itself on the map in Ocean Shores and both locals and vacations can take advantage of it being there. It really is a welcome choice to add to the list of places to eat out at in this fun vacation town.

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