The Five Best Restaurants on the Seattle Waterfront


Seattle is not only the northwest’s largest city but it is probably also the region’s most popular tourist destination. It has a fun vibe, pro sports teams to watch, great shopping opportunities, and of course the famous Seattle Waterfront. If you are going to go to the waterfront, your time will be filled with all sorts of activities. When it comes time to get a bite to eat though, make sure to check out at least one of these five great waterfront restaurants.

Anthony’s Pier 66

A favorite to many locals, Anthony’s Pier 66 has been getting rave reviews as a restaurant for a very long time. You can go there and enjoy a great view of the boats in the marina right out the window. The dining experience is top notch from the salad to the main course to the dessert. If you’ve never been to Anthony’s, you seriously need to go there.

The Crab Pot

An institution on the Seattle Waterfront, the Crab Pot is a wonderful place to enjoy an evening meal. The view of the action on Puget Sound is a lot of fun whether you sit inside or out. My favorite thing to order here is the Alaskan Sea Feast. It’s not only great food but getting the chance to smash up the shells and eat such fresh seafood is a pure joy. The Crab Pot has a lot to offer anyone who enjoys seafood.

The Fisherman’s Restaurant

The Fisherman’s Restaurant is another of the longtime operators in the food industry on Seattle’s waterfront. This is a restaurant that really knows how to please a guest. The service is fast, courteous, and very friendly. The portions here are very generous and you have to try the clam chowder. You cannot go wrong by taking a chance on The Fisherman’s Restaurant on the Seattle Waterfront.


To longtime residents of Seattle, eating at Ivar’s on the Seattle Waterfront may not seem very special. You won’t be going there for some exquisitely plated morsel of seafood. This is where you go for some well made fish and chips and some of the best clam chowder you have ever tasted. A stop at Ivar’s on the Seattle Waterfront will be very memorable and is the kind of thing you really need to do just to say that yes, you have visited this special part of the city.

Six Seven

Six Seven Restaurant and Lounge is known for a number of things. It brings to the waterfront of Seattle a very upscale dining experience whether you are sitting inside or on what is probably the best patio dining deck on the water. From the appetizers on down, everything on the menu is spectacular. Whether a nice family meal is what you have planned or a more romantic setting is what you need, you will have surely picked the right spot if you are dining out at Six Seven on the Seattle Waterfront.