The Crab Pot – One of the Best Seattle Waterfront Restaurants


Many visitors heading to Seattle make a bee line for the waterfront area almost as soon as they get into town. This is understandable too because the Seattle Waterfront has a whole lot to offer. Vacationers going there can check out the Seattle Aquarium, visit all kinds of shops and even an arcade, access the Washington State Ferries, ride on the Seattle Great Wheel, and walk on up to the world famous Pike Place Market.

Visitors going to the Seattle Waterfront need to eat too. There are a lot of eating options there, including both food carts and little cafes. When it comes to full fledged restaurants though, one of the best that anyone could ever choose is The Crab Pot.

The atmosphere at The Crab Pot is one of the things that visitors going there often cite as one of the most memorable parts of the waterfront. The servers there are well trained not only in helping a vacationer select the best meal for them, but also on giving tips for any after meal activities in the area that they might like. The dining room is very comfortable but the option of dining outside can be irresistable on days when the weather cooperates.

With a lot of standard seafood fare available, nearly every diner can find something for them. There are also specialty items available at the Crab Pot too, things that a vacationer may have a hard time finding back home. A truly special experience awaits the hungry traveler who orders a Seafeast. Depending on which is ordered, a Seafeats involves covering the table in butcher paper and then covering the bulk of it with a nice selection of seafood, including mussels, crab, shrimp, clams, and more. It is really something to see.

The Crab Pot on the Seattle Waterfront is much more than just a simple restaurant, it is a dining experience.

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