Sweet River Bakery in Pateros is a Real Treat

If you’re driving anywhere near the Pateros, Washington area, for those not in the know that’s right on the Columbia River where it meets the Methow River in North Central Washington, you need to stop at a local favorite known as the Sweet River Bakery.

Sweet River Bakery

The Sweet River Bakery is located right in downtown Pateros. While everyone goes there for the sweet treats in the morning, they’ve made their name on delicious mealtime favorites. You can go there in the middle of the day and find things like calzones, stromboli, soup, and a speciality, brick oven pizza.

Sweet River Bakery

They also make their own fresh bread at the Sweet River Bakery in Pateros and that’s a bonus two ways. First, you can leave there with a loaf of bread that’ll satisfy you for days at home. You can also order one of their fantastic sandwiches on that very same bread.

The Sweet River Bakery right off Highway 97 in Pateros, Washington is well worth the time it takes to pull off the road and treat yourself to something special.

Sweet River Bakery – Pateros, WA