In Spokane and Craving a Bakery? Try Petit Chat Village Bakery

Petit Chat Village Bakery

Spokane is a fun city to visit. There is a lot to do there that can entertain people of all ages. It is friendly too, whether a vacationer is looking for activities and attractions or shopping opportunities and eating establishments.

Speaking of getting a bite to eat, Spokane has lots of options to feed a hungry traveler. Visiting a restaurant is an easy thing to do there but if a visitor is looking for a special experience, like getting something tasty from a great bakery, their options start to lessen.

Lucky for travelers looking for just that though that Spokane is home to Petit Chat Village Bakery. Awakening in Spokane to cravings for pastries or other baked items is not a problem ever since this little slice of heaven opened up. Regulars swear by nearly everything that is made there. One of the main reasons for that is the high quality of ingredients used and the care with which they are baked with.

Any lucky visitor going to Petit Chat Village Bakery is sure to find something that they will just love. It may be a danish one day, a scone the next, or even a bar or piece of cake the next. Whatever they choose they can rest assured that it is going to be great.

A bakery is a nice change too from a continental breakfast in the hotel lobby or a chain restaurant that’s been visited before. For those with a sweet tooth, they can even pick up a treat to take back and enjoy later in the day, on the drive back, or even after arriving home.

Petit Chat Village Bakery is a gem in the Spokane eatery scene.

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