Five Great Burgers to Get in Spokane

Dicks Hamburgers

Spokane is one of the northwest’s top getaway cities. From walking around Riverfront Park to exploring all the shopping opportunities from downtown to the Spokane Valley, you should have more than enough to occupy your time. We all have to eat though and if what you are looking for is a great burger experience, just start right here with this list of five great burgers to get in Spokane.

D. Lish’s Hamburgers

You know it has to be good when they have the word hamburger right in the business’s name. D. Lish’s Hamburgers professes to rely on fresh ingredients and that sure seems to do the trick. Whether you like an elaborate burger with the works or something a little more simple, you cannot go wrong with a visit to D. Lish’s Hamburgers out on North Division.


Fatburger is located out on Airway Heights and is home to a great burger experience. With burgers made fresh to order with high quality ingredients, you are in store for a special treat. Add to that, that this place is known for exceptional side orders, including the world class onion rings, and you know you came to the right place.

Dick’s Hamburgers

Located right off I-90 at one of the main intersections for travelers coming into town, Dick’s is not only a great burger joint, it’s a bit of an institution in Spokane. The culture of just placing an order at Dick’s is something worth seeing in person. The result you get is a burger that people have been raving about and going back for again and again for years. Our recommendation? This is the perfect stop on your way out of Spokane. No better way to keep that Spokane experience going after you leave than with a trip to Dick’s Hamburgers.

Five Guys North Spokane

Five Guys North Spokane is located in northern Spokane on the Newport Highway. This is a popular spot for locals and it doesn’t take more than that first visit to see just why that is. When you order your burger there you will have a lot of options for toppings because they take burgers there seriously. A quick stop at Five Guys Burgers in North Spokane might just be the best eating out decision you make during your trip to town.


Wisconsinburger is located south of Interstate 90 in Spokane and is a true neighborhood burger joint. The owners of Wisconsinburger pride themselves on making burgers out of fresh hamburger that is ground every morning. You can tell when you bite into your Wisconsinburger that this is a place that takes a lot of pride in the product they create. This could end up being your new favorite place to eat at in Spokane.