A Meal of a Lifetime – Sky City at the Top of the Space Needle

Space Needle - Sky City

Any traveler who visits, or even drives through, the city of Seattle knows that there is one iconic landmark there that stands head and shoulders above the rest. The Space Needle was built to help celebrate the World’s Fair that came to Seattle in 1962 and since then has bee an incredibly popular tourist attraction. Vacationers can view it from several points around the city, including from out on the water of Puget Sound. Visitors can also visit it in person and travel up to the top for one of the most spectacular views available. The Space Needle has definitely earned its place as one of the State of Washington’s most popular attractions.

When visiting there though there is one way to make it an even better experience. The views from the observation deck and the ride up and down the elevator are great, but imagine having a meal while up at the top. That is exactly what a vacationer can do too when they choose Sky City, a full service restaurant located at the top of the Space Needle, as the place they’ll be dining out.

Sky City offers a menu devoted to classic Northwest cuisine. Kids and adults alike will all love the food that is served to them there. From basics like sandwiches and hamburgers to dishes involving steak, salmon filets, salads, and more, it is easy to see why Sky City routinely gets such great ratings.

One of the best parts about dining out at Sky City is getting the chance to sit by the window and enjoy the view of the city, the mountains in the background, and the water of Puget Sound and all that is happening out there. The entire floor that the restaurant is located on also rotates completely around once every hour or so, so it doesn’t matter where a vacationer is sitting, they will get to see it all.

The cost of the meal also includes not only the ride up in the elevator but also access to the observation deck too. This means when the visitor is finished with their meal, they can then go out and enjoy the Space Needle in the same way that everyone else wants to.

Dining out at Sky City is a real treat, indeed.

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