Visit The Dalles Dam on the Columbia River

The Dalles Dam

The Dalles Dam is located on the Columbia River, stretching from the Oregon shore in the south to the Washington shore in the north. The visitor center for the dam is located off of Interstate 84 on the Oregon side of the river. This works out to a very fun stop for anyone traveling east to west through the region.

Large hydroelectric dams, like the ones on the Columbia River in Washington and Oregon, are very popular as vacation attractions. They can be admired for the engineering feats that they are, as well as for the look they can give visitors to the world of the river, electricity, construction, and wildlife. The Dalles Dam is a great example of everything that is good about dams as vacation attractions.

Visitors who go to The Dalles Dam can use the picnic facilities there, check out the visitor center, look at the fish passage windows, and even take a guided tour of the dam.

A visit to the dam can be as short or as long as a traveler wants. While there, a traveler can make it a relaxing stop, an educational stop, or just an opportunity to stop and catch their breath on a longer road trip. The Dalles Dam is an impressive accomplishment and learning a little bit more about it can really raise the level of a traveler’s experience. It really does make a great stop for anyone driving through the area.