The Top Five Museums to Visit in Spokane

Spokane is a great vacation destination with a lot to offer. If you love history and culture, this is a city that can deliver you just what you need. Here are the top five museums worth visiting in Spokane.

Northwest Museum of Art & Culture
Open Wednesday through Sunday, the Northwest Museum of Art & Culture is home to history about Spokane and the surrounding area, as well as the rest of the Pacific Northwest. You cannot go wrong with a stop there.

Mobius Kids
Mobius Kids is Spokane’s children’s museum. Kids of all ages love going there but it is especially enjoyable for the little ones. There are tons of ways they can really get a true hands on experience there. Your kids will thank you for taking them to Mobius Kids.

Jundt Art Center and Museum
The Jundt Art Center and Museum is located on the southwestern edge of the campus of Gonzaga University in Spokane. It features works by both classic and modern artists, including a number of recognizable pieces. If you are a fan of prestigious artwork, you are sure to find something to love at the Jundt Art Center and Museum.

North Spokane Farm Museum
Housing not just farm machinery and tools, but items related to home life in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the North Spokane Farm Museum provides an experience you can’t just find anywhere. Kids and adults both love seeing the actual tractors that were used on farms “back in the day”.

Bing Crosby House
Owned and operated by the singer and movie star’s alma mater, Gonzaga University, Bing Crosby House is not only Crosby’s actual childhood home but is also filled with the largest collection of Bing Crosby memorabilia and artifacts. Fans of the man will love their time there.