Olympia Has Something For Everyone

Whether going to or from the Washington Coast and need a place to stop for the night, or if you’re just thinking about visiting Olympia as a getaway, a stay overnight at the TownePlaza Suites is a great idea.

Olympia is a great city with a fine selection of restaurants to choose from, offering all kinds of different styles of cuisine. There are fine restaurants there that are perfect for a special occasion. There are also some great cafes and diners there where you’ll experience comfort, both in the setting and what you order off the menu. Olympia even offers a fun selection of sweets, everything from ice cream shops to exquisite bakeries.

If you’re a history lover, Olympia has you covered there too and you can see current government buildings operating right in front of your eyes. You’ll also find a healthy supply of museums and historical sites too. It’s very easy to come away after just a day in Olympia with some new and interesting knowledge that you didn’t have before.

Olympia can also fill your free time with other pursuits too, including childrens attractions, bars and pubs, a nice waterfront area, plenty of shopping options, and more.

TownePlace Suites Olympia

When you go there, one of the best overnight experiences you can have is a stay at the TownePlace Suites. This unique hotel offers all the things you would expect from a big name hotel, plus some nice comfortable touches too. The rooms are clean and comfortable and the staff is helpful and friendly. You’ll also appreciate having a very well equipped kitchen right in your room too.

Whatever reason you find yourself in Olympia, take the time to check them out:

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