Get Your Kids to These Five Park Areas in Wenatchee

Rotary Park - Wenatchee

The Wenatchee area is a fun place to head to and it offers some great opportunities to get outside. If you’re traveling there with kids, you will definitely want to take advantage of some of these wide open spaces. Here are five park areas there that you and your kids are sure to love.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is located on the south end of town and has plenty of big empty grass spaces for running around. There is also an outdoor stage there that you can sometimes find being used for local entertainment purposes. The big draw for kids though is the wooden toy structure that features ramps, slides, tunnels, crawl spaces, towers, tire bridges, netting, swings, and more.

Rotary Park

Rotary Park is a newer park and sits on the western edge of the city, right up against the foothills. This park has a some picnic tables, a covered picnic table, a walking path, horseshoe pits, and climbing toy. The park has two big draws though for kids. The younger ones will love the splash pad that features fountains galore and plenty of them. Older kids may want to take advantage of the disc golf course at the park. This can be challenging for those experienced with the game or also just a fun diversion while in town.

Horse Lake Reserve

Horse Lake Reserve also sits on the western edge of town but is a little bit of a climb up into the foothills. This is actually former farmland that is being managed as nature reclaims it. There are several hiking trails that weave through the very large property, and actually link up with other trails in the area which means you could start there and finish your hike in another part of where Wenatchee meets the city. There are some nice viewpoints and history available there too. Definitely bring your camera.

Walla Walla Park

Walla Walla Park is thought of by many as the city’s main park. Here you will of course find the wide open green spaces that everyone wants in a park. It also features an island to explore that can be accessed via a walking bridge, sand volleyball courts, covered picnic areas, picnic tables, swimming areas, climbing toys, and a pathway. In fact, the pathway that cuts through the park is the Apple Capital Loop Trail which is an 11 mile long paved path that traces the Columbia River shoreline on both sides.

Horan Nature Area

The Horan Nature Area is a natural area located just north of Walla Walla Park and accessible from there via the Apple Capital Loop Trail. You and your kids can walk through the gravel trails there and enjoy this outdoor setting that is home to birds and other wildlife but still right within the city limits. This can be a fun place to explore at any time of the year.