Five Great Things To Do When Visiting The Tri-Cities, Washington

The Tri-Cities is a gorgeous part of Washington State. This sun drenched coming together of three cities offers great scenery, a long list of outdoor recreational opportunities, nice shopping options, a growing list of quality restaurants, and some interesting cultural sites too. The Tri-Cities also makes use of its geographic location well too and it is a nice place to use as a headquarters when getting out and exploring the surrounding area. Many people return year after year to the Tri-Cities, and you can go there and easily have a great time too.

Here is a look at just five of the many great things there are to do when you visit the Tri-Cities.

Visit Columbia Park

One of the key outdoor areas in the entire Tri-Cities is Columbia Park. Situated, naturally, right along the Columbia River, this exceptionally long park features a golf course, swimming area, boat launches, picnic tables, climbing toys, fountain, wide open grass areas, and miles of trails perfect for walking or biking. You can also take a nice slow drive through the entire length of it too. Without a doubt, this is one of the very coolest parts of Kennewick that there is to see.

Check Out The Columbia Center Mall

Also located in Kennewick, the Columbia Center Mall is the major shopping destination in the Tri-Cities. This wonderful attraction features a long list of clothing, electronics, furniture, and accessories stores. It also has a nice variety of places to eat at too. It’s very easy to head out to Columbia Center and find that you’ve spent a lot more time there than you may have originally planned.

Spend Time At Sacajawea State Park

Sacajawea State Park is located on the Pasco side of the Columbia River, right where the Snake River flows into it. This is another great outdoors spot to visit in the Tri-Cities and features picnic spots, swim areas, boat launch, and more. It also has a bit of history associated with it too as the famous Lewis & Clark Expedition came right by this site on their way to the Pacific Ocean. A quick visit to Sacajawea State Park is a nice way to get the family out in the fresh air during a visit to the Tri-Cities.

Try The Local Sports Scene

One of the more fun things to do when visiting the Tri-Cities is to get out and take in some of the sporting contests that are there. During the summer months the Tri-City Dirt Devils play minor league baseball at Gesa Stadium in Pasco. If going to a hockey game sounds like your thing, you can take in a Tri-City Americans game at the Toyota Center in Kennewick during the late fall and winter months. Both of these organizations are really first class and do a great job of entertaining everyone lucky enough to attend one of their games.

Explore The Sacagawea Heritage Trail

The Sacagawea Heritage Trail stretches on and on through the Tri-Cities. The entire trail covers over 23 miles and is perfect for jogging, walking, running, roller blading, and bike riding. Walk a little of it or the whole thing and you will be treated to a wonderful selection of both urban and natural areas in the Tri-Cities. The trail begins at Sacajawea State Park, heads west through Pasco and over the bridge into Richland. The trail then turns and crosses the Yakima River heading towards Kennewick where it eventually leads through Columbia Park, passes Clover Island, and then takes the Cable Bridge back to where it started. This fabulous loop trail is a real asset to the entire Tri-Cities.