Five Unforgettable Destinations in Washington State


The State of Washington is absolutely gorgeous. This is true from east to west and north to south. It is filled with an incredible variety of scenery. There are desert like conditions in the east, along with the region’s largest river, some incredible lakes, and some of the most lush agricultural areas you will ever encounter. The center of the state is dominated by the Cascade Mountains which are home to Mount Rainier and a handful of other famous peaks worthy of being visited. On the western side of the state you will find thick forests, island getaways, picturesque beaches, and a ton of urban destinations. Washington State is amazing and very worthy of being your next vacation getaway. If you go there, here are just five unforgettable destinations worth checking out.

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier is one of the symbols of Washington State. It is also one of the best attractions to see when you travel within the state. You can reach it from the south via Highway 12 and White Pass as well as via Highway 410 and Chinook Pass. There are beautiful visitor centers, tons of scenic viewpoints, a great many waterfalls, and more hiking trails than you can imagine. Mount Rainier gets top billing in the state for tourist destinations and it deserves it.

Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is located in North Central Washington and is about as impressive as it can get. The lake is about two miles wide but stretches over 50 miles up into the Cascade Mountains. At the bottom of the lake is the resort town of Chelan which is popular with visitors from all over the place. At the top of the lake is the small town of Stehekin which is incredibly secluded and not connected to the outside world by roads. Whether going to Lake Chelan for fishing, boating, jet skiing, kayaking, or any of the other many water recreation possibilities there, you are sure to have the time of your life. The scenery ain’t bad either.

Seattle Waterfront

Seattle attracts millions of visitors each and every year. All of them go there for a number of reasons. One of the best things to do when visiting Seattle is head to the waterfront area of town. Down at the waterfront in Seattle you can eat at some great seafood restaurants, check out some interesting shops, or just sit back and enjoy a view of the ships going back and forth on the water of Puget Sound. You can also head up the steps to the famous Pike Place Market, catch a ride on one of the Washington State Ferries that docks there, book passage on a cruise, or take a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel. The Seattle Waterfront is one of the easiest places to go and have a good time.

La Push

Located far out on the Olympic Peninsula, right on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, is the extremely small community of La Push. This little hidden getaway is complete unforgettable no matter what part of the year you are visiting. It is remotely located, which always helps a destination have a unique feel to it. It also features some incredible oceanfront scenery that includes imposing rock formations and cliff walls getting pounded to pieces by an aggressive surf. A beautiful sunny day at La Push is magical but a stormy day where nature is throwing everything it has at the shore is something that just needs to be experienced. You will never forget the time you spend out on the Olympic Peninsula at La Push, Washington.

North Cascades Highway

The North Cascades Highway follows Highway 20 as it rises up out of the Skagit River Valley in the west, crosses the Cascade Mountains at Rainy and Washington passes, and then descends down into the Methow Valley in the east. Along the way, you will be treated to incredible views of high mountain peaks, unforgettable views of undeveloped forests, beautiful creeks and rivers, and even some amazing waterfalls. This is an extremely popular highway and attracts road trip fans and motorcycle enthusiasts from all around the country. As you drive it you will be treated to cute little towns with names like Sedro-Woolley, Concrete, Newhalem, Mazama, Winthrop, and Twisp. A trip across the North Cascades Highway is a drive that every resident of Washington should do at least once. This is a true hidden gem and an unforgettable memory maker.