5 Great Ways To Enjoy Winter In Leavenworth


Leavenworth is great at welcoming visitors throughout the year, but it really comes alive in winter. The town is known for its shopping and food, not to mention adult beverages too, but what are the must do winter activities in Leavenworth?

Here are five ways to enjoy winter in Leavenworth:

Go Skiing

There are two ways to get out and go skiing when visiting Leavenworth. The Stevens Pass Ski Area is located west of town, about a half hour away, and is home to some top notch ski runs and great lodge experiences. Located barely outside of town though is a smaller scale attraction that offers some great times too. The Leavenworth Ski Hill has two groomed hills open for skiing and tubing alike. Getting out on the slopes for some skiing when in Leavenworth is very easy.

Go Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a very easy activity that requires zero experience. It also is perfect for the entire family too. When you visit Leavenworth, there are a number of places to buy or rent snowshoes. You can then head out into the backcountry to go exploring. You can also just head down to Riverfront Park or Blackbird Island right in town and have a fun time there as well. Snowshoeing is a great activity any winter in Leavenworth.

Explore That Backcountry

The area surrounding Leavenworth is legendary. It has incredible beauty and challenging terrain. If snowshoeing isn’t your thing, get out and do some cross country skiing or even some winter hiking in some areas when you visit Leavenworth. There are a wealth of trails in the hills around town and exploring them can be a memorable part of your visit there.

Take A Sleigh Ride

Leavenworth, when covered by a thick blanket of snow, is the perfect setting for a classic sleigh ride. Lucky for you, there are plenty of places that can offer you just that. The experience of riding in a horse drawn sleigh across crisp snow in a beautiful mountain setting is not something you’ll soon forget. Whether you’re interested in a romantic outing or a fun family adventure, this is one of the top things to do to maximize your fun level in Leavenworth.

Attend A Festival

Leavenworth really knows how to celebrate. This is true not only by what you’ll see and do when you and there. It’s also readily seen by a simple look at the long list of winter festival days the community celebrates. Bundling up and wandering around downtown Leavenworth during one of their many get togethers is a real treat. This is one holiday town that cannot be matched and one of the top ways to experience it is by heading there during one of the many winter festivals they throw for their lucky visitors.