The Beautiful Mt. Hood Resort Condominiums

Portland is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most popular attractions, and it is easy to understand why. For the traveler looking for something a little different, but still wanting to not stray too far away from Portland, a visit to the Mt. Hood area might be a good decision.

Mt. Hood is popularly viewed from the west from Portland and from the north from the Columbia River Gorge. It is rarely viewed though, by the general traveler anyway, from the south. Traveling through this area will treat the vacationer to views not seen by many and a sense of stumbling into a hidden getaway.


One of the hidden away little communities on the south side of Mt. Hood is Welches. This is a wonderful little place to settle in and use as a base of operations for exploring the area. There is much loved place to go too for anyone who would like to spend the night in the area, the Mt. Hood Resort Condominiums.

Visitors heading there should book their stay ahead of time because they can fill up fast. It’s understandable too because the condo units there are very modern, of really good size, extremely welcoming, quite clean, and are easy to just kick back and relax in.

Once they are done relaxing though, visitors should really take the chance to get out and about to explore the different natural features of the mountain. Depending on the time of year, there are also several different types of outdoor recreational activities that can be participated in as well.

Whether someone would like a mountain getaway that is not too far from the big city that they can stay at for the better part of a week or if they are just looking for a stop off for a night or two on a trip through the region, the Mt. Hood Resort Condominiums remain a great option. This can easily be the type of stay that someone could remember for a very long time.