Stay At Rockaway Beach’s Silver Sands Resort

Silver Sands Resort - Rockaway Beach OR

For years, one of the top destinations on the Oregon Coast has been the Rockaway Beach area. Here you’ll find long stretches of sand, endless views of the Pacific Ocean, plenty of rock formations, and some great communities. If you’re looking for first class all inclusive resorts, this may be the wrong place. When you come to Rockaway Beach and the other communities on the northern Oregon Coast what you’re coming for is the classic beachfront vacation experience that people have been enjoying for decades.

The place to stay in Rockaway Beach is the Silver Sands Resort. This awesome beachfront hotel sits right on the ocean and provides you with some great views. You can look straight out on the Pacific Ocean or up and down the beach. You can also have a good time back at the hotel too with it’s hot tub, swimming pool, and more.

Silver Sands Resort - Rockaway Beach OR

One of the best parts about the Silver Sands Resort is its placement in Rockaway Beach. Within a few blocks in both directions are some great shops, restaurants, cafes, a bakery, and an ice cream and candy shop. You can also drive up and down Highway 101 and visit other local communities like Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach, Tillamook, Lincoln City, and Newport. Rockaway Beach is a fun place to visit but it also works as a great headquarters to explore the rest of the coastline around it.

Silver Sands Resort - Rockaway Beach OR

For some, Rockaway Beach is like a step back in time. For others, it’s the exact experience they were hoping for from their beach vacation. Combining it and the Silver Sands Resort can make any amount of time spent there extremely memorable.

With all that’s in and around Rockaway Beach and all that’s in and around the Silver Sands Resort, it’s easy to see why heading there for your Oregon Coast vacation is an absolutely great idea.

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