Visiting Bend? The McKay Cottage Restaurant is a Must!

Bend - McKayCottageRestaurant

Bend is a fun community to visit almost anytime of the year but it really comes alive in the warmer months. There are a lot of things to do both in and around this popular vacation getaway, including everything from outdoor recreation to shopping. Bend also has a great selection of restaurants to choose from and that helps to make this city one of the Pacific Northwest’s best getaways.

One tip that most experienced travelers know is to eat where the locals eat. One of the places in Bend that continues to get rave reviews from locals is the McKay Cottage Restaurant.

When you visit this very impressive little restaurant, the first thing you will notice is the decor. The woodwork in the restaurant is beautiful and the entire atmosphere just draws you in for what you are sure will be a relaxing meal. The McKay Cottage Restaurant is very experienced at treating people to a wonderful eating experience and that comes through very quickly.

The first decision a vacationer needs to make at the McKay Cottage Restaurant is whether they will be eating inside or outside. The inside is impeccably decorated but sometimes dining outside in that fabulous Central Oregon weather is hard to pass up.

The staff is very friendly and helpful there and the food exceeds most people’s expectations. The burgers and sandwiches are some of the things that people who go there regularly rave about and just one taste is all it takes for most visitors to see just why that is.

Any traveler taking the time to visit Bend and the surrounding area knows a bit about what it takes to have a fun and exciting vacation experience. They also know that they should follow the recommendation of the locals when it comes to eating out and it is hard to find a more recommended place to eat there than the McKay Cottage Restaurant.

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