Higgins Restaurant and Bar – A Great Dining Option in Portland


Portland is a fun city to visit that has a reputation for offering a lot of unusual and interesting experiences. From downtown to the surrounding area, this is one destination that is filled with great things to do and see. Portland also has a highly regarded restaurant and bar scene too. It doesn’t matter what kind of food or bar experience a traveler is looking for, they can find it in Portland.

Any visitor coming to Portland and looking for a very nice restaurant that offers a well rounded menu need look no further than Higgins Restaurant and Bar. This is a local favorite, especially for those in large groups or dining with an entire family. Though they have no problem delivering a great dining experience to couples too.

Higgins Restaurant and Bar has a reputation for great seafood. This reputation is well deserved too as it doesn’t matter what a traveler is looking at on the menu, it is definitely all good. The great thing though is that this restaurant goes far beyond being just a great seafood restaurant, not there’s anything wrong with that. They also offer other wonderful dishes including steaks, pasta, salads, and more. There is simply no excuse to leave Higgins Restaurant and Bar while still being hungry.

The atmosphere there is also top notch, with a warm and inviting decor and a friendly staff. The entire dining experience, whether the offerings of the bar portion of the restaurant are used or not, is very memorable and sure to be one of the best parts about an overnight stay in Portland.

Find out more about this great restaurant here: Higgins Restaurant and Bar