5 Great Restaurants in Salem, Oregon

Salem Cityscape

Salem is the capital of Oregon and a destination many people head to for a number of different reasons. There are some fun shopping opportunities in Salem, as well as great outdoor activities, historical attractions, and other things to do there. Eventually you have to eat though. With that in mind, here are five great restaurants in Salem, Oregon.

Roberts Crossing

Not only one of the best restaurants in Salem, Roberts Crossing is regularly thought of by many as one of the best restaurants in the state. The service is incredible there and the staff is top notch. Almost everything on the menu is incredible, from the appetizers all the way to dessert. A traveler going to Salem cannot go wrong with a visit to Roberts Crossing.

Nancy’s Burgers & Fries

Life is not only about fine dining. Sometimes what a vacationer wants is a good burger. Anyone visiting Salem and wanting that needs to head right out and go to the very popular Nancy’s Burgers & Fries. This is much more than any chain burger place can deliver. Visitors will immediately recognize a hamburger made of quality ingredients. The atmosphere is a lot of fun too. Locals and travelers alike are regularly coming back over and over to Nancy’s Burgers & Fries.

Annette’s Westgate Cafe

Annette’s Westgate Cafe is one of the kinds of places people love to find when they are in a new place. Visitors can get great meals all day long there, and many locals love it too. One of the most highly rated parts of their menu though is the breakfasts that they serve. Not only do the meals show off the high quality of the ingredients and the skill of the kitchen staff, they also are very generous in their portion size. A vacationer who ends up at Annette’s westgate Cafe is someone who is about to be extremely happy with the food that they are about to eat.

Wild Pear

Another of Salem’s many highly thought of restaurants is the Wild Pear. Travelers coming to town can go there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One of the nicest parts of Wild Pear is the menu. Few local menus can match the creativity offered there. They offer appetizers like White Truffle Sweet Potato Fries, sandwiches like the Lobster & Seafood Melt, and entrees like Grilled Shrimp Rice Noodles. Going to Wild Pear is a real treat and can easily be one of the more memorable parts of a trip to Salem.

The Drunken Cook

Serving family style Italian food in a friendly atmosphere and with a helpful staff, The Drunken Cook is a favorite in Salem. Visitors can dine in there as well as enjoy everything they have in take out too. The dishes are well designed so that everyone will enjoy them and there is nothing quite like eating family style. The whole family will enjoy eating there because it really feels like dining at home, only with better food and less cleanup. The Drunken Cook is a one of kind establishment that most vacationers will enjoy a great deal. It really is top notch.