Whale Watching in Depoe Bay With Whale Research EcoExcursions

Whale Research EcoExcursions

A visit to the ocean is a great idea for a lot of travelers. The Oregon Coast is a top notch attraction that draws visitors from around the region. With its rock formations, high cliffs, and long stretches of sand, this area is the perfect mix of the rugged beaches of Washington and the sandy beaches of California. It is no wonder that so many people have visited there for decades.

One of the more interesting things to do during a visit to the ocean is to go on a whale watching trip. This is the perfect activity for those wanting new experiences, animal lovers, anyone interested in marine biology, and fans of getting out on the open ocean. If the visit being made is to the popular Depoe Bay area of the central part of the Oregon Coast, the best place to do something like this is with Whale Research EcoExcursions.

The typical whale watching trip involves heading out on a large boat filled with anywhere from 20 to 100 or more passengers and hoping to observe some of the most impressive creatures on Earth. These are very educational opportunities and everyone usually has a great time. This is the perfect opportunity for families with young children to make memories that will last a lifetime.

What makes a whale watching trip with Whale Research EcoExcursions a little different is first and foremost, the boat being used. They use Zodiac boats which are small watercraft that hold usually no more than eight to 12 people. Being small, they can also travel at higher speeds across the top of the water. This means that the traveler will usually have more whale encounters than they would have with a slower or more lumbering ship.

Whale Research EcoExcursions is staffed by people who are not just tour guides, but are seriously involved in marine biology. They will provide their groups with information that might be unavailable on other tour boats in the area. They will also be able to answer questions that come up a lot more thoroughly too.

A trip out with Whale Research EcoExcursions is a great idea for any couple, family, or group who wants to get out on the water during a visit to the Oregon Coast. Being located at Depoe Bay, it is extremely convenient for anyone staying in either the Lincoln City or Newport area too. It really is a can’t-miss vacation activity.