Must Do For Beer Lovers: The Portland Brew Bus

Portland Brew Bus

Portland is a fun city to visit. Most people know that though. Anyone who has gone there has found a city laid before them that is full of fun things to do, great things to eat, and for anyone who is interested, excellent beer tasting opportunities.

This is one of the cities that was a driving force behind the microbrew and craft beer movement. Getting out and about in the city and sampling all that it offers in this department is a great way to come away from Portland with an experience most people never get to have. How to do it though? Driving from bar to pub to brewery isn’t recommended after all.

That’s where the Portland Brew Bus comes in.

The Portland Brew Bus offers tours around the city with stops at some of the great breweries and pubs located there. Travelers hopping on board, whether they are doing so as a part of a large group or with just their friends or significant other, will have the time of their lives. Being able to leave worries behind and turn the transportation over to someone else goes a long way in making this a true fun experience.

Anyone taking the Portland Brew Bus should take along a notepad or make sure their smartphone is engaged. Writing down the names of the beers that are found to be pleasing is a good way for a traveler to be able to track down that specific brew later. There is also a certain sense of camaraderie that develops between even those who don’t know each other on the Portland Brew Bus. Going from pub to brewery to bar will do that though.

Anyone visiting Portland, who also views themselves as a beer lover, will have a great time on the Portland Brew Bus. Giving this unique and fun attraction a try is a good idea for almost anyone. This can end up being a very memorable event and is a real plus to the Portland beer culture.