A Must-Visit Attraction: Crater Lake, Oregon


There are a few sites that are so unique, impressive, and important that they really are must sees. These can be historical in nature or simply a place that tourists will be pleased by to a degree that makes going there a lifelong memory. Other sites that fall into this category are a natural attraction that is truly unforgettable.

Any traveler venturing through the Pacific Northwest, looking for an unforgettable place to visit, would go a long way in their quest to see the most impressive sights out there by stopping at Crater Lake in Oregon.

Crater Lake sits on the top of what once was an active volcano, Mount Mazama, in the Cascade Mountains of Southern Oregon. Visitors can reach it from both the east and west side which is very convenient for those traveling on either Interstate 5 or Highway 97, north or south through the state. It is located in the heart of the mountains, so the drive up to the mountain is very impressive and satisfying too.

The first place that should be visited at Crater Lake is the historic lodge built right on the rim of the lake. There is plenty of parking there and some of the best viewpoints available are located just a short walk away. This is also the perfect stop for a bite to eat as meals of all kinds are served right inside the lodge. Souvenirs can also be purchased there too and there is a lot of historical information located throughout the facility.

Once a traveler is done with the lodge they can drive to several other viewpoints and if it is late in the season they can also take a drive completely around the lake at the top of the mountain too. There is even a way to get down and take a boat tour of the lake, including a visit to the lone island there which is actually a dormant cinder cone that has since been covered by trees and other vegetation.

Crater Lake is the highlight of many trips taken through Oregon each and every year. Seeing this legendary sight up close and in person is breathtaking. Kids and adults will both love the story behind how it was formed, as well as some of the legends associated with it. It truly is a can’t-miss vacation stop.