5 Great Ways to See Wildlife on the Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast Aquarium Harbor Seals

The Oregon Coast is one of the more popular destinations in the entire Pacific Northwest. There are a lot of reasons to go there, and regardless of your reason, you’re sure to find a number of attractions that are perfect.

Viewing wildlife is popular with adults and kids alike. Here are five great ways to see some wildlife when visiting the Oregon Coast.

Seaside Aquarium

The Seaside Aquarium is both entertaining and historic. It opened way back in 1937 and has been welcoming vacationers ever since. This small aquarium is home to several interesting species like different varieties of crabs, wolf eels, sea stars, octopuses, and moray eels. There is even a very cool touch tank that kids especially love exploring. It’s very easy to spend some of your valuable vacation time at the Seaside Aquarium.

Take a Whale Watching Tour

Fewer experiences are more memorable on the Oregon Coast than going whale watching. Young and old will love the chance to get out on the open ocean in search of these huge and wondrous beasts. There are a number of places you can go on the Oregon Coast to book your whale watching tour. All of them offer some great experiences, you can book your tour on a small boat where it’s just you and three to seven others, or you can book an excursion on a large ship that takes out 100 or more people. Pulling up alongside one of these whales will be something you want to capture with your camera so you can share the moment with friends and family back home. There’s nothing quite like a whale watching tour on the Oregon Coast.

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Located in Newport, the Oregon Coast Aquarium is another of the many popular wildlife attractions in the region. When you go there, you and your children will be immersed in the complexities and splendor of the ocean. This is much more than an underwater zoo, it is a true marine educational resource. Some of the incredible exhibits that you and your family can explore there include Coastal Waters, Sea Otters, Harbor Seals and Sea Lions, Sandy Shores, Passages of the Deep, and Secrets of Shipwrecks. The Oregon Coast Aquarium can provide you with the exact vacation experience you’re wanting.

Sea Lion Caves

One of the more historic wildlife attractions on the Oregon Coast is located right on Highway 101 near the community of Florence. Sea Lion Caves is America’s largest sea cave and seeing it in person is sure to leave an impression. You first enter the ticket office and gift shop on the top of the bluff, then you’ll descend down an elevator shaft to a viewing room where you can look out on, at times, hundreds of sea lions as the sleep, eat, and play on the rocks inside the cave. It has been welcoming visitors since 1932 and seeing these wild animals, remember this is not a zoo, can be a real thrill. This is yet another instance where you’ll want your camera along. Sea Lion Caves has earned its spot as one of the Oregon Coast’s top attractions.

Newport Waterfront

Newport, Oregon is a fun little community on the Oregon Coast. It offers some great beaches, easy access to the water by boat, and so much more. Spending time on the Newport Waterfront allows you to take in the beauty of this small little fishing town. It also opens you up to a number of attractions, shops, and restaurants. Another thing that Newport offers is live harbor seals and sea lions that swim in from the Pacific Beach to the bay and play and eat right along the waterfront. You’ll also be able to see some of the sea lions climb up on some floating docks to sleep or even just “talk” to passersby. Newport is a fun place to visit and the waterfront area there offers a cool chance to see some wildlife up close and in person.