Five Unforgettable Destinations in Oregon

Lincoln City

Oregon is somewhat of a hidden gem when it comes to travel destinations. There are all kinds of places that get more attention, but those who pass up on this state are really missing out. With an arid eastern region, a lush coastal region in the west, and a high mountain forested region running straight down the middle of it, Oregon has all it takes to offer everyone who goes there the time of their lives. If you are thinking about visiting Oregon anytime soon, here are five unforgettable destinations you should look into.

Bend, Oregon

Bend has been a popular Oregon getaway destination for a very long time. Like most places that reach that level of success, there are usuall a number of very good reasons why. Bend offers great access to activities in the beautiful area including rafting, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, camping, boating, mountain biking, and more. Bend also has plenty to offer right within the city limits including art galleries, shopping opportunities, bike paths, park spaces, pubs, restaurants, and more. Bend, Oregon is an all around city and if you are lucky enough to go there you are sure to have a good time.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Located on the northern Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach is known to many as one of the best coastal destinations in the entire state of Oregon. That’s really saying something too as the Oregon Coast has been a favorite stop for many for a very long time. Cannon Beach is known for the visually impressive and easily recognizable Haystack Rock. This is a local landmark that is often used as a symbol for the state. Cannon Beach is home to celebrations and festivals all summer long. It has miles of great sandy beaches to explore and a number of park areas adjacent to the shoreline too. Without a doubt, Cannon Beach is one of the most unforgettable places to go in Oregon.

Florence, Oregon

The small coastal community of Florence, Oregon is a great place for a vacation destination. When you go there you can check out some interesting attractions like the Suislaw Bridge, Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park, Siuslaw Pioneer Museum, South Jetty County Park, and the Three Rivers Casino. One of the main reasons we love going to Florence though is for its location and what is around it. The popular Sea Lions Cave attraction is nearby and it is loved by kids and adults alike. Heceta Head Lighthous is nearby too and this is a great landmark that not only has a lot to offer itself, but also offers some great scenic vistas too. By far the most interesting place to visit when you come to Florence though is Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. This huge sand dune is home to quiet and secluded areas, beautiful scenic areas where wildlife viewing is possible, and also cool and exciting opportunities to get out on the dunes themselves for rides on four wheel drive vehicles of all sizes. Florence is a great destination, not only for what it has but for what it is near.

Portland, Oregon

The city of Portland is a major American city, Oregon’s most populated city, and a place that welcomes a huge number of travelers each and every year. Portland has a very cool vibe to it and is known for its many coffee houses, locally owned small breweries, and awesome collection of food trucks to choose from. Portland has professional sports teams, zoos, amusement parks, museums, art galleries, and historical attractions to visit while you are there. It has some great overnight accommodations available, some offering unique experiences you cannot find elsewhere. It really is just a fun and relaxing city which is unusual for its size. You can go there and feel very welcome to sink in and try out the unique Portland culture. In the process, you could end up having one of the best vacations of your life.

Lincoln City, Oregon

Lincoln City is centrally located on the Oregon Coast and there is a lot there that will try and convince you that it should be your next Oregon vacation destination. Lincoln City is home to some wonderful ocean beach spaces to enjoy. You can seriously get out and walk miles up and down the coast. It is also home to Devils Lake which offers plenty of water recreation itself, including boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, and more. The North Lincoln County Historical Museum is a favorite spot of mine, but I have to admit that I have a bit of a weakness for history attractions. The city also offers gardens, parks, art studios, and museums and cultural centers too. You can even go for a short drive and find a historic covered bridge that dates back to the early days of Oregon roads. Whatever you are looking for in an oceanside getaway, Lincoln City probably has it.