The Last Chance Ranch in Helena, MT for that Classic Montana Experience

A visit to Montana brings with it a number of opportunities to have the time of your life. There are a lot of museums, scenic locations, historical attractions, and outdoor recreation opportunities located around the state. But one of the things that can make your visit to Montana top notch is coming away with what you might call a true Montana experience.

Montana has had an intereting a varied history that includes ties to early explorers, Native Americans, wildlife, the Old West days, and more. Getting a taste of this side of Montana is one of the best ways to maximize your experience there.

Last Chance Ranch

The Last Chance Ranch is located outside of Helena, Montana and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful parts of the Helena National Forest. It’s within an easy drive of the city, but once you get there you really do feel like you’re out in the seldom traveled to parts of the state. It doesn’t take long to realize this is the beginning of that classic Montana experience you were hoping you could get.

When you visit the Last Chance Ranch, you have the opportunity to experience several things. You can stay there in the lodge and soak up the outdoors in a way that a hotel room back in Helena will not give you. You also have the chance to take a covered wagon ride through the ranch property out to a large gathering point that includes a very large teepee. Last Chance Ranch is famous for its wagon wagon ride dinners where you can disembark your wagon ride and proceed to dine on a true gourmet meal. Entertainment also awaits at the Last Chance Ranch with cowboy songs and stories being told as you sit outdoors surrounded by the historical and natural beauty that is there. By the time you’re ready to leave, you will have been entertained, fed, and overcome with natural beauty all wrapped up in one attraction.

Last Chance Ranch 2

A visit to the Last Chance Ranch is one of the best ways to get that classic Montana experience everyone wants when they visit this beautiful and huge state. It truly does offer one of the best chances you have to create long lasting memories from your visit there.

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