Five Fun Activities in Missoula, Montana


The city of Missoula sits in Western Montana and is a real popular stop for locals and travelers alike. It is surrouned by forests and mountains, has plenty of river water flowing through it, and the scenery is incredible. Missoula is also a friendly city that really knows how to make you feel welcome. When you go there, here are five fun activities you can take advantage of.


Hiking is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. It’s also an activity you can do with young children too. Some of the best hiking possibilities in the Missoula range from urban and semi-urban walking trails to more strenuous options that include serious elevation gain. These options include Mount Sentinel, the Southside and Northside Trail on the Clark Fork Riverfront, Bitterroot Branch Trail, Tower Complex Trail, and Larchmont Trail. You can also venture out to the Pattee Canyon Recreation Area and enjoy the Crazy Canyon Trail and Sam Braxton Trail. There are all sorts of trails available all around Missoula and if you call yourself a hiker, you will love it there.


Anyone who has seen or even knows about the movie A River Runs Through It knows that Missoula is home to some great fishing experiences. It has even been listed a number of times by a number of publications as one of America’s top trout fishing locations. The Blackfoot, Bitterroot, and Clark Fork River all come together at Missoula and each one can treat you to a world class fishing experience. You can also get out and try your luck and one of several local lakes too. Fishing in Montana is a way of life and your visit to Missoula gives you the opportunity to see just why that is.


Missoula is a great location to visit if you’re into swimming as an activity. In addition to the pool you will find at your motel, Missoula is home to several other great ways to go swimming. There are some nice gentle areas of river right in town where you can go swimming with or without children. Harpers Lake is also a top spot for swimmers and it is run by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. Splash Montana is by far one of the most popular swim sites in town though. When you go there you can not only splash and swim in the water, you can plunge into the pools from several water slides. No matter what brought you to Missoula, getting out for a swim while there is very easy.

Horseback Riding

One of the great things about doing some quality horseback riding when visiting Missoula is that not only do you spend some quality time with either your own horse or one you’ve hired, but you get to see some beautiful country as well. There are horse friendly trails at Bannack State Park and Lone Pine State Park. There are also tons of horseback riding trails on national forest land around town. If you are in need of an outfitter, that’s pretty easy to handle in Missoula too with lots of choices like Wild Skies Outfitting, Misty Blu Trail Rides, Parsons Pony Farm, Rugg’s Outfitting, Wildlife Adventures Guest Ranch, and Wilderness Outfitters LLC.


Rafting is a favorite pasttime for many people and if it is something you would like to do when you visit Missoula, this is the destination for you once again. One of the most popular rafting spots in Western Montana is known as Alberton Gorge. Alberton Gorge is located on the Clark Fork River just a few minutes from Missoula. On a hot summer day, there are few things more enjoyable than a day out floating down the river through Alberton Gorge. To make the most out of it, book your trip through Pangea River Rafting, Lewis and Clark Trail Adventures, Adventures with Western Waters, Montana Wilderness Adventure Company, and Montana River Guides.