50,000 Silver Dollar Casino – A Great Montana Attraction


Western Montana is a fun area to visit. It offers great entertainment options including thick forests, impressive national parks, clear mountain lakes, fun little communities, and miles and miles of roads where you can truly get away from it all. Western Montana also has interesting tourist attractions too. One of the more interesting ones is the 50,000 Silver Dollar Casino.

When entering the state from Idaho, you are sure to know almost exactly where this little attraction is. That isn’t because of its prominence or because it is located in a famous spot, it’s because you will have already passed several billboards telling you how far ahead it is.

The 50,000 Silver Dollar Casino is located right on Interstate 90, the main east-west route across the northern part of the United States. It is located a short drive inside the western border of Montana and is a popular stop for even repeat travelers through the region.

There is a small casino there where you can try your luck on the machines, who knows you might even be a big winner. Also located there is a gift shop, convenience store, gas station, motel, restaurant, and RV parking.

There are also actually 50,000 silver dollars on display there. In fact, this unique attraction started out in the late 1950s as a silver dollar collection. When you visit there today you will see many of these silver dollars in very interesting places, including embedded in the bar and mounted on the wall. The 50,000 Silver Dollar Casino is a fun place to stop, whether you want to be there for five minutes or for a couple hours or more.

Don’t be surprised either when you see other travelers getting their photo snapped out front with the familiar sign in the background. Feel free to join in on this tradition yourselves too. What a great way to remember your visit to the 50,000 Silver Dollar Casino.