A Rustic Getaway: Red River Hot Springs In North Central Idaho

Nestled far away in the thick forests and high mountains of North Central Idaho is a very nice little getaway known as Red River Hot Springs. This rustic little resort is literally located at the end of the road on the way up the Red River out in the middle of the Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forests. The top draw to the area is the amazing scenery and the wealth of outdoor recreation. There are trails leading off in all directions, each with their own great destinations and wonderful viewpoints. Bring along your backpacks, for sure, but you’ll definitely not want to be here without bringing along your camera.

Some of the many activities to participate in while visiting Red River Hot Springs include fishing, hunting, ATV riding, mountain biking, hiking, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, and more. This truly is a little slice of paradise for anyone who loves getting out in the great outdoors.

Once you’re all played out in the outdoors though, return to the hot springs for the comfort you deserve. You can choose to stay in a lodge room, cabin, or RV/tent camping spot. Once you’ve had something to eat, either of your own making or from the Dine & Dive Cafe, you’ll want to grab that swimming suit and make your way to the natural hot springs pool and hot tubs. Ahh, now that’s relaxation at its best.


With all that there is to do in the area that surrounds the hot springs, you’ll easily have an awesome time getting introduced, or reintroduced, to the mountains of North Central Idaho. Your time back at the lodge, cabins, or campsite though may be the time you remember most. The laid back vibe you get from the resort as well as the surrounding landscape really adds to the experience. The peacefulness of the surroundings combined with the fun and relaxation that can be had at the hot springs just may make this a vacation destination you return to again and again.

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