Boise’s Flying Pie Pizza – Definitely Worth It

Flying Pie Pizza

When a vacationer hits a new town, they are often looking for unique experiences that they cannot get back home. These types of things add up to memories that last forever. They help make the visit there very special indeed.

Boise is one of these special places that has a unique feel to it and offers a lot of interesting and new things to do. When it comes time to eat though, most people don’t mind trying new things but still want to stay relatively in their safe zone. Sometimes there is just nothing like getting a good pizza. Everyone loves pizza. When a vacationer is visiting Boise, there is one clear choice for pizza… Flying Pie Pizza.

With a restaurant decor that cannot be missed from the outside, Flying Pie Pizza has a very inviting appearance and is overall a welcoming experience. It is the pizza that people come for and this is some of the best around. They offer all of the standard types of pizza that people can get in their own hometown, including everything from cheese and pepperoni to Hawaiian and combination. But they go way beyond that at Flying Pie Pizza, offer tons of specialty pizzas like Samoan, Denver Pie, and Acapulco Verde. A visitor can go there and have the pizza experience of their life, whether they get an old favorite or try something completely new to them.

Visitors can even take a Pizza Tour there that shows them how to do everything from fold the pizza box to make their very own pizza. They also offer a gourmet pizza night where a visitor can really step outside their comfort zone and try something they have never had before. Flying Pie Pizza is a one of a kind pizza joint that locals and travelers both end up loving.

Visit them online today: Flying Pie Pizza