If You Need To See A Movie In Boise: It’s The Flicks, Or Nothing Else!

The Flicks

Going out to the movies is not a typical vacation activity. Most people view movie going as something they can do back home. This makes sense too because not many people want to spend their rare vacation time doing things they can do all year long without leaving town.

The Flicks in Boise, Idaho is different though. This is not the same movie going experience that most people have back home. This is something else. This is a real treat and something definitely worthy of some of that precious vacation time.

The Flicks is distinctive first by the movies that are shown there. Not many big blockbusters head that way. If there is a foreign film, independent production, or art film that a traveler has always wanted to see, it might be playing there.

Aside from the content on the screen, there are also several other things that set The Flicks apart from other theaters. Visitors going there to enjoy a film on any of the four screens offered can also have an espresso or a bite to eat from the in-house cafe. There is even an outdoor patio for eating or just visiting with friends before or after the curtain has come up on the movie being attended.

Adults looking for a grown up entertainment option will also appreciate that beer and wine are both served at The Flicks too.

All of this delivers a more intimate movie going experience where a visitor is treated like a guest, offered some great tasting food and drinks, and then given the opportunity to view a movie that they cannot just catch anywhere on the big screen.

Going out to the movies is not a big deal to many people. In fact, it is most likely viewed as a rather pedestrian event. That is not the case though if the moving going out to be seen is playing at The Flicks in Boise, Idaho. This is easily one of the top movie going experiences in the entire Pacific Northwest.