Five Wonderful Reasons to Get Out on the Town in Boise, Idaho


Idaho is one of those places that not a lot of people think of as a great destination. This has helped it keep its mystique though as a hidden gem for travelers. When you decide that you want to venture to Idaho, one of the places you definitely must visit is the city of Boise. This is a unique city with a fun vibe and it is sure to treat you to a good time. If you go there, don’t be shy, you better be sure to get out on the town. Here are five ways to do just that.

Eighth Street Marketplace

The Eighth Street Marketplace looks cool from the outside with its unique architecture and the way it stands out from the surrounding area. Inside, it is filled with a variety of stores, restaurants, kiosks, and seating areas. You can go there and find a delicious treat to eat, a unique item to purchase, and also take some time to sit and relax while you enjoy a refreshment or do some people watching. The Eighth Street Marketplace is a great destination if you intend to do some shopping while you are in Boise.

The Flicks

Who wouldn’t want to get out and have a bite to eat, something to drink, and see a movie? Better yet, who wouldn’t want do all three of those things at the very same time? You can at The Flicks. This is a Boise institution and one of the most enjoyable movie experiences you can have. This is much more intimate theater experience than you are probable used to. You can also find a fine selection of movies offered there that you might not see anywhere else. The Flicks is one of the many unforgettable things to do in and around Boise.

Boise Farmers Market

A visit to the Boise Farmers Market is another great way to get a true taste of the city and the surrounding area. You will be treated to samples of all kinds of things there that will help educate you on what it is you really want to buy. There are a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits to purchase there, but there is so much more too. You can also get a prepared meal, some excellent street food, and even some handmade crafts. The Boise Farmers Market is an outstanding attraction that you’ll be happy you took the chance on getting out to see.

Walk About Boise

Boise is an interesting city with an interesting history. One of the best ways to discover this unique past when you go there is to venture out into it via Walk About Boise. This is a one hour guided walking tour of Boise that will lead you through well over 150 years of local history. You’ll learn little tidbits and impressive stories about Boise’s past. You’ll come away with a whole new understanding of this cute little city that is a first class destination.

The Egyptian Theatre

Another great performance locale in Boise is the Egyptian Theatre. This is another unique way of seeing entertainment and it really harkens back to the early days of stage and screen. The decor is fantastic and part of the draw there. The quality of films and stage shows is another thing The Egyptian Theatre is known for. A visit there can really make your trip to Boise complete.