A Great Getaway On The Slopes Awaits At Bogus Basin In Idaho

Bogus Basin

The city of Boise is one of the many fun and entertaining vacation destinations in the Pacific Northwest. If visiting in the winter and wanting to get out and enjoy the outdoors, skiing at Bogus Basin might be just what you’re looking for.

Bogus Basin is located just over 15 miles from the city limits of Boise. While other ski resorts and ski areas in the region may get more notice and attention, that actually works in the favor of visitors who head to this remote and out of the way winter recreation site. While some of those more famous destinations may get crowded, especially on popular getaway weekends, Bogus Basin can at times offer plenty of room for everyone who visits.

Bogus Basin also offers high quality runs to entertain you once you make the trip up to the ski area too. You’ll find everything there for both beginners as well as those who like to maybe head out a little farther or higher and have a more thrilling experience. The ski area also offers a kiddie area, terrain park, snow tubing area, and exciting lodge area complete with full service restaurants and bars.

Here is a look at one of the trail maps for Bogus Basin:

BogusBasin Trail Map

A visit to Bogus Basin, whether you stay up on or near the mountain, or if you headquarter back in the city of Boise, can easily be one of the more fun winter travel experiences you have. The scenery there is gorgeous, the people are friendly, and everything available to you will help make memories that will last a lifetime.

Check out Bogus Basin online: Bogus Basin Ski Resort