A Top Flight Experience At The Oak Bay Beach Hotel In Victoria, B.C.

The city of Victoria on Vancouver Island is one of the prettiest cities in the entire Pacific Northwest. A visit there demands a stay at a really special place. The right hotel can really put the finishing touches on any vacation.

We were lucky enough to spend two nights at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel on a recent visit to Victoria and it really made all the difference. This city is amazing, pure and simple. The views along the water and the incredible architecture make going for a stroll in Victoria a very good thing. The city also offers a great selection of art galleries, museums, historical attractions, and more. What we found at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel actually made it hard to leave each day because of what we were leaving behind.

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

The view from our room included a nice look over the water and we could even see passing boats of all sizes. The room also feature an incredible bathtub, a kitchenette, free Wi-Fi, and our own balcony to walk out on. The decor and furnishing were top notch as well, very clean, well made, and modern.

The hotel also featured a pub, cafe, dining room, and a full service spa. We didn’t take advantage of it, but there was also a steam room and a fitness room. We did make use of the first class pool outside though. Being able to go for a swim and order food and drinks right from the deck was a real plus. There are even dinner shows, adventure type activities, and movie nights to take advantage of if you feel the desire.

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Without a doubt, our trip to Victoria was going to be great. Making the choice of staying at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel though really upped the experience overall.

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