5 Knock Your Socks Off Things To Do In Vancouver, BC


The city of Vancouver really stands out among the list of places to go in the Pacific Northwest. It is unlike anywhere else in that it really feels like a true international city. There are a lot of cultural influences in the city and that makes it a place you will love to go shopping in. It also makes it a great place for dining out too. Beyond that though, Vancouver is an excellent destination when it comes to attractions too. Here is a look at 5 things located there that are sure to knock your socks off.

Accent Cruises

Getting out on the water is one of the top ways to have a good time in Vancouver. One of the best ways to do that is to book some time with Accent Cruises. This is an excellent local cruise company, headquartered right on Granville Island, and easily accessible from anywhere. They offer a number of different types of cruises, including excellent dinner cruises. When you head out on the water you will be treated to a memorable tour of the Vancouver waterfront, including views of interesting parts of the city and the kinds of things that most visitors to Vancouver never see. It also means you will be treated to an excellent meal, possibly the best you have during your visit to the city. Check out all that Accent Cruises has to offer: Accent Cruises

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is one of the more unique places to visit in Vancouver, and that’s really saying something. This is somewhat of a historic place that first opened its doors as a tourist attraction in the early part of the 1900s. Today, when you go there you will be treated to the main attraction, a huge suspension bridge spanning high above the river. Prior to getting to the bridge, you will also be treated to some excellent displays on the history of the area. The bridge is not all that is there though. You can also check out Treetops Adventure which is a series of rope bridges that take you high into the upper reaches of the forest canopy. There is also a cliff walk attraction too that can be a lot of fun. There really is something for everyone at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Check out their website now: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Stanley Park

In most cities, getting out to the city park is not really that big of a deal. When you’re visiting Vancouver though, it really is a big deal. The reason it’s a big deal is that it’s a very very big park. The park covers over 1,000 acres and is easily accessible right from downtown Vancouver. There are a lot of activities you can participate in there, including mountain biking, jogging, walking, bird watching, swimming, and more. With that much size and as many wide open space areas that are there, you have the room to do anything you can think of in Stanley Park. There are also areas in the park that are just as densely forested today as they were back in the late 1880s. The Seawall is a popular part of the park and features a a very nice walk right along the water. The park not only has beach areas where you can access the water but also swimming pools to visit too. The park is also home to an aquarium that features great exhibits of all sorts of marine life. Stanley Park is one of the must visit attractions in Vancouver.

The BC Lions

The British Columbia Lions play in Vancouver and are of the member franchises in the Canadian Football League. Their games are very exciting and if you are a fan of American football, seeing the Canadian version can be very interesting and eye opening. The crowd is very involved in the game at BC Lions contests and the facilities are top notch. When you return home, you may just be surprised at how fondly you look back on your time watching the BC Lions play in Vancouver. Get more information on the BC Lions here: The BC Lions

Granville Island

At one time in the history of Vancouver, Granville Island was largely a waterfront industrial area. Like many cities have done in recent decades, Vancouver targeted this area for economic redevelopment and the results are fantastic. When you visit Granville Island, you will be visiting a very nice section of the city that is home to some great little attractions. It is a historic part of town and today it is filled with interesting shops, great little cafes, and fun things to do. There is a popular market there where you can find all sorts of interesting things to buy. You can also go for some nice and relaxing walks where you can enjoy the sights out on the water as well as nice things on land too. This is a bit of an artsy place these days so if you like that kind of thing, it’ll just be one more reason you have a great time out on Granville Island.